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Breast Cancer Info-Mailer

My first step to creating an effective infographic mailer was to define the purpose. I needed to understand the goals of the mailer and what information needed to be conveyed to the audience. I needed to decide if the mailer was meant to raise awareness about the disease, provide information about risk factors, or encourage people to get screened.

Once I had a clear understanding of the purpose, I started designing the mailer. The design needed to be visually engaging and easy to understand, using graphics, icons, and color to highlight key points and make the information more accessible. The design also needed to be appropriate for the target audience, using language and images that resonated with them.

As I started creating the design, I focused on choosing the most important and relevant data points to include in the infographic. In addition to choosing the right data points, I also paid attention to the layout and organization of the infographic. I made sure that the information flowed logically and that the most important points were highlighted visually. I also used colors, illustrations, and typography to create a cohesive and visually appealing design. I then took the static design and animated it to make a digitally engaging version as well. 

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