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Bull Shots By Red Bull

In this project the objective was to choose a brand and expand on their product line. I chose Red Bull to start making vodka shooters called, “Bull Shots”. This new product takes them out of the beverage aisle and brings them into liquor stores across the world. Quick, easy, and delicious! Shoot your shot! I wanted to create a compelling and visually appealing packaging design targeted at young adults who were looking for a high-energy drink with the added benefit of alcohol.

To start, I conducted research on the Red Bull brand and its existing packaging design to understand its visual identity and messaging. This helped me to identify design elements that needed to be incorporated into the new packaging design while also ensuring that the new design was distinctive and stood out from competitors.Based on my research, I began to sketch out several packaging design concepts. I used my creativity and design expertise to develop a design that is bold, dynamic, and attention-grabbing, while also remaining true to the Red Bull brand.

Overall, my goal as a graphic designer was to create a packaging design that effectively communicated the high-energy and refreshing nature of the Red Bull brand while also conveying the alcoholic content of the new product. I used my design skills and creativity to develop a visually appealing and effective design that stood out on the shelf and appealed to our target audience.

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